Music Instruction

At the Music Workshop, you can learn to play that instrument that you have always wanted to play!

Train your voice to sing! OR BOTH!

The Music Workshop offers music instruction for guitar, bass, piano, organ, synthesizer, and vocals. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student from ages 5 to 65, the Music Workshop can find a suitable program for you. With over twenty-five years of experience, we can provide you with patient, affordable, and quality musical instruction in all popular styles of music.

Vocalists are able to get help with technique, range, scales, ear training, valuable exposure, singing with a variety of song material, proper key placement, tempo, and style

The Music Workshop is a complete studio and workshop where each student can perform on their own instrument and be able to play with other instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, organ, synthesizer, and drums. This valuable exposure can teach and prepare a student to play with other musicians, be in a band, accompany a vocalist, or learn to play while singing.

For more Information on learning different instruments in more detail click below:

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