Recording at the Music Workshop

The Music Workshop’s Recording Studio is for everyone. Whether you’re in a music group or you’re a singer, songwriter, or a musician with or without a band the Music Workshop’s recording studio is specialized for all of your needs. We specialized in all styles of music such as rock, pop, jazz, blues, gospel, rap, and many more. We strive to guarantee your songs will get done right!

You can listen to song samples recorded by us Here

For the Songwriter We Offer :

  • A variety of instruments can be played

  • Total or partial development of a song.

  • Orchestration such as Multiple Guitar and Synthesizer Textures, Vocals, Drums, and Percussion.

For the Vocalist :

  • We can create custom arrangements in any key or tempo.

  • We are also able to use background music tapes.

For Musical Groups :

We are able to understand your musical vision from a musician’s standpoint, and not just an engineer’s view which could result in your song lacking creative possibilities.

"Mastering and Duplication"

  • All songs are mastered on digital (D.A.T.) tape.

  • Audio C.D.'s can also be mastered.

  • Songs can be duplicated on cassettes and C.D.'s.

  • Labels and inserts can be created for each format.

"Recording Technologies Used"

  • 1. Digital (Hard disk)

  • 2. Midi (Sequencing)

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